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Smitten Gate

Paper Edition
By Stan Goff
From the pine barrens of North Carolina to the streets of Belize, the tropical mountains of Honduras, the ruins of Mogadishu and on to the grinding occupation of Afghanistan, Smitten Gate is a story of war and family. Profane, graphically violent and darkly humorous, it is the first American antiwar novel to be published in decades. It is also a crime story, a love story and a psychological suspense novel. Master Sergeant Abner Dale, a skilled US Army Special Forces soldier, is losing the thread. His capacity to compartmentalize his “work” from his life at home begins to dwindle. Just as his personality fragments and his grip on reality becomes tenuous he is ordered to rehabilitate a dysfunctional Special Forces A-Detachment. It is part of a task force commanded by a once-promising West Point graduate whose career has been an endless series of disappointments and who is desperate to prove himself before it ends. And then Dale’s new team is given a special, dangerous, high-stakes mission. What could possibly go wrong? Author Stan Goff writes about a world that he knows extremely well. A former career soldier, he saw combat in Africa, East Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. He served in three Ranger units, two Special Forces A-Detachments and with Delta Force. Since his retirement Goff has written five nonfiction books about war and militarism and dozens of articles. This book is at once his debut as a novelist and a tour de force that has few parallels.


Prosperous Homesteading

Paper Edition
By Greg Jeffers
A homestead can supply a family with all of the essentials: food, fuel, water, shelter and wealth. After being led astray by well-meaning but unhelpful books on homesteading and much trial and error, Greg Jeffers eventually hit upon a winning combination—by looking at his neighbors. This book spells out what exactly you must have in order to establish and operate your homestead. It is based on the only hugely successful homesteading model that exists—the one that is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people across North America. It is essential reading for all those who want to regain their independence and self-sufficiency and to live debt-free.


Seat of Mars

Paper Edition
By Jason Heppenstall
Hell-bent on preserving the privileges of the wealthy in the face of a looming resource crisis, the British government executes a false flag terrorist attack and shuts down the national electricity grid with the explicit goal of causing rapid population reduction. In the ensuing turmoil, a shadowy cabal of globalists watches with interest from a bunker buried deep beneath frozen Arctic wastes and readies to roll out “the experiment” across the world. Seat of Mars follows the fortunes of a handful of ordinary people flung into extraordinary times. These include Rose, a teenage astrophysics prodigy and a Goth, who finds herself pulled into a web of intrigue within a fortified and ethnically cleansed London; Jack and Cat, a city couple who find themselves stranded on a makeshift commune; and the resourceful, self-educated prepper Art Gwavas who sees the mayhem as a chance to take back what is rightfully his. The story poses the wider question of how well any of us would fare if the magic carpet of industrial civilisation were suddenly pulled out from under us, and whether something beautiful can emerge from the glowing embers of chaos.


Women on the Verge of Societal Breakdown

Preserving Hard-Won Freedoms during an Age of Uncertainty

Paper Edition
By Piero San Giorgio, translated from French by Dmitry Orlov
In thinking about the evolution of the role of women in society over the past hundred years, Piero San Giorgio appeals to women as wives and mothers, calling on them to appreciate the fragility of our world and the impermanence of our civilization. Piero is attuned to the reality that as our contemporary society collapses, a woman will find herself in an extremely vulnerable position: the law will no longer protect her or her children, while the males battle for survival. Piero explains the specifics of survivalism for women, teaching them how to independently cope with the looming catastrophe and survive. The practical sections on preparation are followed by testimonials by 23 real women, of different nationalities, ages, social strata, sexual orientations and marital status, who have already embarked on the path of survivalism. They give advice—very practical and realizable, and not just to women but also to men—on becoming autonomous and independent from the system, and on becoming prepared for all things and at all times.


Bureaucratic Insanity

The American Bureaucrat's Descent into Madness

Paper Edition
By Sean Joseph Kerrigan
In contemporary America, schoolchildren can be charged with battery for throwing a piece of candy at a friend or threatened with expulsion for making a “gun” gesture with their index finger. They can also be imprisoned for cutting class and placed in solitary confinement or made to share prison cells with hardened adult criminals. In the workplace, our jobs are more monotonous, repetitious and rule-ridden and less secure than ever before. We are made to answer to uncaring and even sadistic bosses, teachers and police, all of whom care much more about following rules than about helping people. Every year federal and state legislatures and bureaucracies pump out thousands of pages of new laws and regulations—enough to make every American into an accidental criminal. By and large, America's bureaucracies are plumbing the depths of mass insanity. In Bureaucratic Insanity, journalist and social critic Sean Kerrigan documents this disturbing trend toward absolutist and authoritarian behavior by dissecting the psychology of obsessive, rule-focused bureaucrats. He traces the development of bureaucracy from its origins in the early industrial revolution to the modern information age. He also examines ways of avoiding being victimized by bureaucracy gone mad.



A Pathway to a Different Future

Paper or Kindle
Rob O’Grady is an engineer and father of three who has been stirred to action by his reflections on environmental issues and his everyday encounters with the perversity of our current system. Trained in the discipline of “sustainability engineering,” he discerned early in his career that to talk of sustainability in the world of business and politics was “to pour from the empty into the void,” because the underlying context is subversive of such efforts. Rejecting a career dealing in irreconcilable contradictions, he went into the construction industry and helped to build a thriving company that employs some 150 people. But he continued to think about environmental and economic issues. Having never come across an approachable account that, to his mind, adequately addresses the intractability of our current situation, he set to writing. He took an engineer’s approach—working from first principles, drawing on real-world experiences, and understanding the need to keep things practical and simple—and found, to his surprise, that the germ of a solution emerged. This book is the culmination of a journey that started from a vote of no confidence in our current system, and ended in a fledging hope that a better future might be possible.


The Pitfalls of English

A Guide and Reference

Paper Edition
Dmitry Orlov is a linguist and a connoisseur of the many pitfalls that beset everyone who uses English, causing us to misspell, mispronounce and misuse words, embarrassing ourselves. There are enough of them to fill a book—this book. When it comes to these pitfalls, regular dictionaries and spellcheckers are of no help. His reason for compiling this Dictionary of English Heterographs, Heteronyms and Contronyms was simply this: such a dictionary didn't exist. But now that it does, whenever you aren't sure if you are using the right spelling of a word that has multiple spellings, or pronouncing it correctly within its context if it has multiple pronunciations, or using it in the right sense if it has multiple, contradictory meanings, you can just look it up!


Emergency Eyewash


Paper or Kindle
The old world order, to which we became accustomed over the course of the 1990s and the 2000s, its crises and its problems analyzed in numerous authoritative publications on both sides of the Atlantic—it is no more. It is not out sick and it is not on vacation. It is deceased. It has passed on, gone to meet its maker, bought the farm, kicked the bucket and joined the choir invisible. It is an ex- world order. Not too many people in the West have caught on to that yet, because to do that they first need to wash the sleep out of their eyes and gaze through the information blockade imposed on them by Western corporate-controlled media. This book contains a collection of essays on the hot topics of the day written with the aim of helping you do just that.


The Sea Gypsy Philosopher:

Uncommon Essays from a Thoughtful Wanderer

Paper or Kindle
This book is a collection of the best essays from Ray Jason’s popular “Sea Gypsy Philosopher” blog, which now has readers in over 130 countries. Although he deals with controversial subjects, he approaches them in a calm, measured manner and avoids strident rants. His highly readable meditations begin with a poignant vignette from his travels. Some of the volatile topics he addresses include: predatory capitalism, television, American imperialism, religion, the downside of civilization, possible societal collapse and many more.